Three Adults and a Baby

**Prelude: More to come on the reasons behind my two year disappearance from the public blogging world. Also, a potential url move for Abundant Life in the coming months!


What happens when you move into a 420 square foot apartment in downtown Chicago with your brother, sister-in-law, and four month old niece? I’m about to find out. That’s right, my newest adventure has begun and while it may not be off in foreign lands, I think it may be the most daring yet. When my brother and his wife found out they were expecting their first little bundle of joy, they began, like all good parents, to plan for the future. They knew the day would come sooner than they’d like that Megan would have to return to work after four months of maternity leave. I was honored by their request for me to come and live with them for a few months as Ava’s (my niece) nanny.

That was six months ago. Today, I can’t believe the insurmountable insanity which must have overcome each of us when we agreed to this arrangement! And yet, as I look around the new apartment I now call home, my brother and sister-in-law asleep in their bed, my niece in the crib next to them, and me on the sofa bed, having successfully survived our first day, I can’t help but think that this just might be crazy enough to work! I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I hope you’ll join me on this crazy ride.

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