I am What I Am.

It’s only  been a few weeks; and yet, I’ve missed putting fingers to keyboard. I’ve been traveling. Gaining new perspective. Sometimes it’s so difficult when we’re right on top of something to be able to focus our eyes and see it clearly. With the trial date moved, unemployment looming as my previous job came to a close, and a year’s worth of less than fruitful routines and relationships weighing me down, I was suffocating. Suffocating under the prospect that I might only ever continue to “survive” and that thriving was a thing of the past. A daunting prospect. Generously, a friend saw me drowning and reached a hand out to me, flying me half way across the country to the beloved state of Texas to “get away” for a few weeks. Sometimes it’s amazing what distance can do! More of my latest illuminations to come.

Until then, a quote that has stuck with me during my time away… “By the grace of God, I am what I am.”

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