Record Worthy Moment

This one moment in time shines so brightly amidst the healing process that it seems imperative to document. So often, it feels you’re drowning in the aftermath of the assault. The PTSD, the depressed thoughts, the anger, the feeling out of control and like you’re having to find yourself all over again swirl like a raging whirlpool around you, threatening to submerge you. And, there are times, sometimes fleeting moments, sometimes days, weeks or months, when you think to yourself, how much easier it would be to just stop fighting it, to just stop swimming and let the waters take you under. But on one particular day, just weeks ago, the darkness gave way to a single ray of light, but it was just enough to ignite a hope within my soul. So many people assure you that there is life after assault. And I knew they were right because I was still living, but I wasn’t sure I knew what that “life” would look like. In the quiet of that moment, I knew with certain hope that there would be life for me after the assault and that that life would, most assuredly, not only be one of merely surviving, but eventually thriving.

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