A Citizen’s Plea

Wow, my friends! So, a little over a month has gone by since I last posted. Reasons for the delay…travel, a new job, and a move. Ok. Ok. Enough with the excuses…let’s get to it.

A month has passed and as we enter November, we find ourselves on the eve of perhaps one of the most important elections of our times. Up to now, many of us have been complacent due to the luxury of comfort we experience in this country and have therefore taken for granted our nation’s political proceedings. We were frogs placed in luke warm water, enjoying a nice relaxing bath, while all the while the temperature was being turned up.

My dearest friends, consider this post a citizen’s plea. May we each awake from our comfort or wishful thinking induced comas and recognize one VERY important fact: This November 6th, One of Two people will be voted in as our next president. One of Two people will be given the right to steer the fate of our beloved nation and see to the safeguarding of the freedoms we hold dear.

I will not suggest to you, whom you should vote for. That is between your conscience, God, and the election ballot. I will however plead for you to not waste your vote, by not voting or voting for someone who does not stand a chance of being elected into office. This is an important election and not one to risk anything.

I have heard many complaints towards each of the candidates, and to be honest, agree with both sides…we do not have a Perfect Candidate running for President…one in whom I agree with Everything that they stand for. I pray, though, that we not get hung up on this idealistic thinking. I don’t deny that I too dream of our nation thriving as all that she has the potential to become, under the leadership of one who has the knowledge and the wisdom to lead her. But, as Christians I believe we have an obligation to be wise as serpents, as Christ states in Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Wisdom in this case shows us that our nation’s identity and our rights as Christians are in grave danger and that we must take a “Step” towards the ideal we seek.

We have never before had so much at stake. Why is it that we allow laziness or thoughts of “my vote doesn’t really matter” to keep us from the polls? Do you realize that there are approximately 75 million Catholics in the United States and approximately 55 million American votes will elect our next President?! And this is only Catholics! This is astounding. Don’t you see…MY vote doesn’t really count for anything, but OUR vote does!

So please, as one citizen to another, let’s make OUR VOTE count this Tuesday by electing a president who will be a step in the direction of regaining this nation as a “Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

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