What Next?

Some of you may know that I have just recently moved to Austin, Texas. It was a surprise turn of events that landed me here, but nonetheless I am growing to love this steaming hot city the Lord has beckoned me to.

Tonight as I sit by lamplight, in the cozy confines of my apartment, contemplating my current predicament [unemployment], I stumble upon the following excerpt from my Camino Journal:

July 1, 2011
Feast of the Sacred Heart

“Some towns on the Camino are quite invisible/hidden until just before you’re in them. You almost stumble upon them. Others you can see from a great distance and, ironically, it often seems you will never reach them. God speaks very similarly. Sometimes we are shown from a great distance what He is calling us to and the struggle is to persevere in reaching the destination. Other times, the Lord hides His call from us until the last moment when it arrives in all its splendor. In this case the struggle is to keep walking trusting that the town exists and will come at the right time.”

Utterly appropriate. Thank you God. I walk. I trust. I wait.

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