Feast of Santiago (St. James)

It seemed only appropriate that I should update my blog on the feast day of St. James (Santiago).

Dear "Flechas Amarillas" How I Miss TheeOne of  Many Yellow Arrows (Flechas Amarillas) That Lead us Across Spain!

Funny Thought:
Who knew that when your feet are subject to walking/hiking approximately 8 hours a day in hiking boots for 32 days…they build up extra layers of skin as protection from blisters, etc…More importantly, who knew that for weeks following this excursion, your feet will peel, like a snake, each of these extra layers?!

Funny Story:
A story from Galway, Ireland which I felt it only prudent to share post my “safe and sound” arrival back to the United States (for the sake of those who may worry).
While most of our time in Ireland was spent taking in the beautiful country side and meeting some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, we decided to really encounter Galway was to experience a night out at the pub. Unfortunately, some of the local gentleman had been “over served.” One such gentleman, unbeknownst to me, decided to lift me up into the air; however, during the execution of this plan, he lost control, and all he succeeded in doing was throwing me onto the stone floor of the pub head first…and then falling, all 200 lbs, on top of my head. Leaving me with a lasting token of remembrance from Ireland going into the beginning of the Camino, namely a bruised cheek bone and head, paired with a mild concussion. Perhaps I’m simply not a “Galway Girl.”

PS. As promised here are some more photos from the Camino:

Blessings this day in particular to all those pilgrims who have walked the Way of Saint James!

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