No One can Walk Your Camino

On the Camino, the phrases “your camino” or “my camino” are often used to express that while we all walk together to Santiago and sometimes our paths cross long enough for us to walk side by side, at the end of the day “you” have your walk and I have mine. We can aid each other with our aches and pains, we can laugh together, we can prevent one another from making a wrong turn, but in the end I am the only one who can walk myself to Santiago.

Every aspect of the Camino is rich with imagery of life itself. Perhaps you believe in God and hold that this life is a walk towards heaven, or perhaps you believe in a grand nothingness, no matter. We must all agree that this life is a walk and not merely a walk, filled with aimless wandering, but a “walk towards” something, whether it’s a new job in this moment, or eternal rest at the end of this life, we are always walking towards. And throughout our journey we can aid one another along the way, but we can never walk “for” someone else.

May we find within ourselves the resolve and courage to persevere in walking this life joyfully all the while keeping our eyes open for those along the trail in need of a shoulder to lean on, a stranger to carry their backpack for just a few kilometers, or someone to guide their steps and provide encouragement when they’ve not seen an “arrow” in a while.


PS. Please enjoy the photos from the Camino that I’ll be attaching to my next few posts.

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