No Clocks, Night with Jesus, Prayers Answered

Post Astorga:
July 1 Astorga-Foncebadon
July 2 Foncebadon-Ponferrada
July 3 Ponferrada-Villafranca

Recent Revelations:
Americans on the Camino have the hardest time relinquishing their need to know what time it is. In the morning, Krista is watching the clock to see that we “get out on time” (what´s  “on time” when you have nowhere to be) and in the evenings, I´m watching the clock to make sure we go to bed “on time” (but again, what´s “on time” when you have no commitments except to wake up in the morning and walk). It´s amazing how much time and clocks dictate our lives, especially as Americans. So, no more clocks for us as of two days ago! Loving it!

Foncebadon was both a lovely surprise as well as an opportunity for God to answer our prayers very specifically. As we arrived in this tiny hamlet with a population of 5 people (not kidding or exaggerating), we had a great time in our tiny little albergue with a communal meal of about 30 pilgrims, from all different countries, all around one table and our sleeping quarters being none other than the local Church…mattress on the floor next to Jesus anyone? Following a not so great night´s sleep, as I fought off a fever (thanks to a lovely case of altitude induced dehydration), we woke up in the morning to walk 25 km. In our opening prayer for the day, Krista prayed that God would allow us to arrive “healthily” as I was still unwell. Apparently we should have prayed more specifically that we could arrive “healthily while walking” because half way to the town a man, with no prompting from us, offered us a ride to the next village (our end destination for the day). God is good…and funny. That night we enjoyed a medieval festival in the beautiful town of Ponferrada.

Lastly, we´ve decided to walk these last nine days as a novena. Setting them aside in a special way for prayer and listening to the Lord. In order to do so, we´ve decided to walk the first half of each day in silence and to pray all 15 mysteries of the Rosary together. Our novena started today. It is hard to believe that, God-willing, we will be in Santiago in only 8 more days of walking. Know that as we walk, we continue to pray for you! Please continue to pray for us. Will write soon.

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