Today, Krista and I have decided to take the day off in Astorga. This is by far my favorite city in Spain so far. It is absolutely stunning! Forgive me that it has taken me so long to update this again, but our last few days have been packed with logistical necessities that have prevented my writing prior to now.

Ultimately, we wanted to be sure that we were able to experience ALL things on the camino…Several days ago we were visited by “bed bugs” or in Spain “chinches”, to which I had an insane allergic reaction including, but not limited to, one of my eyes swelling half closed. Thank goodness that Farmacias (pharmacies) are like Starbucks in Spain and on every corner! Krista and I are both healing quite quickly from this unexpected epidemic.

We also had our first experience of running out of money on the Camino. Up to two days ago, we had no problems finding a bank…however, in the small town of Mazarife we found ourselves with only 3 euro between us, no bank within 16 km, and no albergues costing less than 7 euro per person. Thankfully a kind Swedish man we had met earlier in the day stepped in and saved the day by paying for our albergue, allowing us to save our measly 3 euro for a much needed coffee in the morning! Both of our bodies are gaining strength and the pain at the end of the day seems to be transforming into a mere soreness (it´s hard to explain, but this is a vast improvement).

God is good. He is speaking…in the most incredible ways. And ultimately, though this is insanely difficult, I am loving it! There is something about the Camino that is mysteriously loveable and impossible to explain. I love you all. I will write again as soon as I can!

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