The Meseta

Following a much needed day off in Burgos, Krista and I have spent the last three days traveling to our current destination: Carrion (20 km past Fromista). 70 km of the last 90km (Burgos-Carrion) were spent in the Meseta (aka: the Spanish desert). Usually this walk would take four days, but we are currently walking with two Hungarian brothers who are overly ambitious and convinced us that there was in fact no need to prolong the Meseta. Gratefully, my body has taken this in stride and seems to be healing quite well. We have added a great deal of stretching to our nightly routine and are consuming far more water than I think any human being on the face of the planet should ever have to consume. Thank you for all of your prayers. Tomorrow we hike to Teradillos (the official half-way point between St. Jean Pied-de-Port and Santiago)! Write to you again as soon as I can!

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