Gloria Dios par Todos Cosas

First…please don´t feel the need to correct my Spanish! 🙂

Today (20 June), we are in Burgos where we will enjoy a day off tomorrow. It is a great city with a gorgeous Cathedral and tons to explore. A good number of our friends will be staying behind as well, so we should all have a great relaxing day before heading into the Meseta (aka: quite literally the desert of Spain).

Things are going well, I have had a few hard lessons to learn early on, but they were indeed necessary. One thing I was struck by is that you simply don´t hear stories of people who are unable to complete the Camino; however, upon arrival, this reality becomes a real possibility. Yesterday, Krista and I walked under the radiating heat of the Spanish sun for 11 hours on a day that should have taken 6.5 hours because my ankle decided it no longer wanted to function. I have been utterly in awe of how weak my body is. However, our day off in Burgos should give us some much-needed rest!

The Camino really is a pilgrimage and not a hike. It´s a journey with the Lord and not a vacation. These simple truths allow me to be humbled and realize that in the end, if every day is offered as a prayer, I continue to journey closer to Santiago and to God. He is allowing me many opportunities to rely solely on Him and for these I am grateful. Even on the most basic level…physically, I will not be able to complete this without Him.

Know that I am well and that I love reading your comments! Know that no matter what aches and pains I may share with you on here, I am LOVING the Camino! And mom, know that I am finding food to eat. A”tortilla” in Spain is actually an egg and potato omelet which is 100% edible for me! 🙂

Look forward to writing you all again! Many blessings.

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