Writing to you from Estella, Spain

Ok. So, this is hard.

Here we are at the end of day 5 and already I wish I would have gone about my training a little differently. Two things I might have done…given myself a blister and forced myself to walk on it…and read a whole lot more ¨Where´s Waldo¨ books (let´s just say the flechas amarillas, or yellow arrows that guide you across Spain, are not always as obvious as I was expecting)! They are ALWAYS there though. Krista and I have actually made a game of calling out ¨Waldo¨any time we spot one of the cleverly placed flechas.

Inspite of all of this though, God is good and in control and I am glad I am walking. If I were to stop today, I would miss all that he has to speak to me, which I know I have not yet even tapped the surface of.

One of the most delightful and surprising aspects to the camino has been that Krista and I are taking an intesive Spanish class. Ok, well not technically, but we have made friends with Henrique and Alejandro who we´ve been walking with intermittenly since Day One and neither of them speak English. So, starting today, I began English lessons with Henrique and he Spanish lessons with me. Perhaps one of us will reach fluency by Santiago! This is not looking hopeful. 🙂

Mom, I know you´re reading this…I am forever indebted to you for making me take the neck pillow and the knee brace. My knee swelled the first day with all of the down hills and the brace has been my saving grace. Also, no neck or back issues to date, which is incredibly impressive considering all I carry on my back each day (about 7kg) and I attribute a great deal of it to the pillow! Finally, I should have listened when you insisted I take the sleeping mask! 🙂

As requested:
Day One (9 June)  St. Jean Pied de Port, France-Roncevalles, Spain
Day Two (10 June) Roncevalles-Zubiri
Day Three (11 June) Zubiri-Pamplona
Day Four (12 June) Pamplona-Puenta la Reina
Today (13 June) Puenta la Reina-Estella

Tomorrow we walk to Los Arcos!

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