Let’s Play Catch Up

Ok. So here are the highlights from the last week! Forgive me that there is not more, but unfortunately finding an internet cafe or the time to sit down and write has been more difficult than expected. Nevertheless…

Ireland: We arrived in Ireland with no plans of our own, and are grateful that we did because Divine Providence stepped in and allowed us to have the most amazing time. So many things we were able to experience that we would not have been able to had we had a set plan. From experiencing the incredible generosity and hospitality of the Irish, to a night out in Dublin and Galway, a trip to the most beautiful Glendalough (land between two lakes), an Irish culture night with traditional Irish music and storytelling in Sligo, where we were also blessed to stay with the most lovely family who so graciously took care of us, and the opportunity to really get to know Clare and Eileen (the most beautiful Irish girls around…inside and out! Most Defo!)

England: A whirwind 48 hours of blessed time to catch up with our dear friend Daniel, explore Bournemouth and Christchurch, England (though our tour guide may have aired on the side of fabrication rather than truth), and once again be blessed by the incredible hospitality of those we stayed with. Thank you so much, Daniel and Kate!

Day One Walking: What to say?! We´re alive. Accomplishment enough for hiking 7.5 hours straight up and over the Pyrenees mountains. No blisters to date. Finding that even day 1 of 33, carrying a pack for 27km can cause you to reevaluate what you “really” need.

Will be in touch as soon as I can. Not sure when the internet will be next available. We love you all. Keep up the prayers and know that we are praying for you.

PS. Please forgive any typos, as I am on a time limit.

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