Anonymous Spanish Angel

God is good. We have not seen our bag yet or received word of its arrival here in Dublin; however, God’s blessings have already been abundant. Our first angelic encounter occurred Wednesday in Madrid, as we had five hours to kill outside the airport. We found a lovely cafe in the middle of Plaza Mayor to grab a coffee and some food and then went in search of the Cathedral. While searching for the Cathedral, we came to a halt on a street corner, clearly a little lost and confused as to which way to go. Not a moment passed and a wonderful little old Spanish man, who spoke not one word of English, approached us and uttered “Catedral?” “Si. Si!” we replied. “How did you know?” was what we were thinking in English, but with no way to communicate this in his language we accepted his directions gratefully and found our way to the Cathedral. Thank you, to our anonymous Spanish friend.

Tomorrow morning we say goodbye to the land of “a thousand welcomes,” a name Ireland most certainly lives up to, in order to visit a dear friend in Bournemouth, England. Ireland Reflection to come…

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