Bread Crumbs


Oh to have my one suitcase, my guitar and ceaseless possibility. Nothing to rely on, save to trust in the Lord. This is essentially what quickly approaches me in June. June 13, I will be leaving the vineyard that the Lord sent me into two years ago (New Zealand). It is time for new workers to come and tend to these incredibly ripe fields. Where to next? That is the question. I never seem to have the answer people want to hear when they ask me. This, however, is not what troubles me. The Lord has never left me hanging without any direction whatsoever. And so like Hansel & Gretel, except with perhaps a different fate (I don’t think I’ll have an evil witch trying to eat me anytime soon), the Lord has given me my next bread crumb. I am headed home to be with my family and friends for two and a half months. I have a new short-term mission territory and its called “home.” My mission: to love. Once my mission is complete, I am on to Spain. The Camino del Santiago beckons me as I hear the Lord’s voice calling me to rest in Him for a while. To come and walk with him, quite literally. Over the month of walking, as the distractions of life are slowly left on the roadside, I pray that September in Spain will be a time for the Lord to speak and I to listen.

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