The Diary of my Sojourn

On this long sojourn of life, it is fair to say we are ever changing, ever being changed. That being said, some things change us more than others. Some things bury us in sorrow, while others ignite us with joy. Some things cause us to wrestle with the very foundations of truth, while still others open our eyes to the many glimpses of heaven which surround us.

Our lives are made up of so many moments which seek to guide, mold, challenge, comfort, inspire. For me, my writing is a means of capturing them. It is my attempt to photograph the moments of my life which change me most. Here, on these pages, I attempt to unpack the lessons wrapped inside the most wondrous and horrific moments of my life.

This is the diary of my sojourn.

Chapter Descriptions:

American Vagabond
Reflections written across the U.S., as I ventured from city to city. To date, I have lived in Ohio, Denver, Mobile, DC, Austin, Pittsburgh, Norfolk, and Chicago.

Assault in the City
I recently had an encounter with evil, that left me churning as I fought to seek light in the darkness, to grapple with life’s biggest questions, battle the mind’s darkest corners, and writhe as I witnessed the very borders of my resilience expand. Warning: Contains raw unedited reflections written in the initial two year aftermath of my sexual assault. 

City Life
Thoughts during my two month venture as a nanny for my four month old niece in down town Chicago. Amazing the inspiration living in a 420 square foot apartment with three adults and a baby can provide!

End of Year Reflections
A tradition of mine, to end every year with month by month photographic highlights from the previous year.

Missionary Madness
Updates written from a tiny island in the Pacific during my two years living in New Zealand as a missionary.

Religious Reflections
Random thoughts and reflections on Lent, the purpose of life, God’s goodness, the meaning of suffering, etc.

I clearly couldn’t figure it out!

Walking the Way
These entries serve as my journal throughout the month I spent trekking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago across Spain.

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